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NameExplanation / ExamplesComment from
E-cribs Team
½ Half
Examples: ½ R&L, Chase clw ½, turn RH ½
1-- (etc) Bar numbering. If no second bar number is shown, it is an 8-bar section  
| separates 2-bar sections (but many older cribs still use a “,”)  
; separates 4-bar sections.  
or {n} duration = that number of bars  
on [8] on bar 8  
while{8} the following sequence takes 8 bars  
1c, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, … 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th .. couples  
1C, 2C, ... one couple, two couples, ...
Example: 3C Chain Progression (= Chain Progression for three couples)
1M, 2W 1st man, 2nd lady/woman, (As the RSCDS uses Woman, we use W; L always means Left).  
1M(1W) instruction down(up) shorthand for 1M instruction down while 1W instruction up (used for »meanwhile« figures) dropped as it is difficult to read
1pl, 2pl, … 1st, 2nd, … place.  
1plx, 2plx, …. 1st, 2nd, … place on opposite side  
1cnr, 2cnr 1st, 2nd corner person  
3cnr, 4cnr Partner's 1st, 2nd corner  
1cnr[pos], 1M[pos]... 1st corner position, 1st man position ...  
All All those dancing, not all those in the set  
P Partner  
R Right  
L Left  
RSh, LSh right and left shoulders  
clw, cclw clockwise, counterclockwise (= anticlockwise)  
LH, RH, NH, BH Left, Right, Nearer and Both Hands  
EH Easy Hand: the evidently most convenient hand for the dancing couple  
LHJ, RHJ, NHJ, BHJ Left, Right, Nearer and Both Hands Joined  
lead vs dance Strictly, »lead« means RHJ, »dance« NHJ. older RSCDS texts use »lead« for both; the correct formation is sometimes in doubt. Some e-cribs still have this ambiguity.  
(2C up) 2C step up  
(2,3,4,1) or (to 2,3,4,1) (etc) indicates the order of couples in the set at that point.  
(2x,3x,4,1) x indicates couples on opposite sides  
BtoB Back to Back as a position  
dance BtoB Dance Back to Back (the formation)  
BiL Balance in Line (i.e. setting in line; dancers facing alternate ways)  
Circle_n_ (n=3,4,6,8,etc)

n hands round ; always starts to the left unless specified otherwise
Example: Circle6

A&R advance and retire (4 bars)  
A&R {1+1} advance and retire (2 bars)  
Turn CPCP turn 1st corner RH, Partner LH, 2nd corner RH, Partner LH  
RHA, LHA right hands across, left hands across  
R&L Rights and Lefts.  
Diagonal R&L (1C change places RH with 1cnr positions, LH on sides, RH with 4cnr positions, LH on sides)  
S&Link Set and Link (for two or three)  
H.Schottische Highland Schottische (setting step, poussette)  
DTr Double Triangles  
DDTr Double Double Triangles (in a 5C set, above and below)  
Set »H&G« Set to Corners and Partner  
Reel3 (Reel4) Reel of three, (of four) (only one reel)  
Reels3 (Reels4) Reels of three, (of four) (two or more reels at the same time) (not yet put into all the cribs)  
Reel3{6} 6-bar reel of 3 (only one reel)  
Reels3{6} 6-bar reels of 3 (two or more reels at the same time) (not yet put into all the cribs)  
Side(s) Examples: Fig8 on sides, cross RH to own side, start on opp side  
opp side opposite side  
M Side, W Side

Men Side, Women Side
Examples: (M side: 3,2,1,4 W side: 1,3,2,4),  (to M side: 1W,4W,3W,5W,3M, W side: 2W,4M,2M,5M,1M)

Fig8 Figure of eight  
DblFig8 Double figure of eight  
Gr-Chain Grand Chain  
L-Chain Ladies’ Chain  
M-Chain Men’s Chain  
Teapots 4-bar figure: 1M&1W, each with two others, dance Hands Across (R, L or Mirror)  prohibited
PdB Pas de Basque  
promhold promenade hold  

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